Transferring to Oregon State

Future Students

Start with Your Program

It is important that you start planning at least one and a half years before your intended first term. Oregon State campuses offer more than 200 undergraduate programs (majors, options, double degrees, etc.).

Consider Your Pre-Transfer Courses

Many students want to know what courses they should take before they transfer so that their credits will transfer and count towards their desired degree. Resources to help students with this process vary major-by-major. Follow the steps below, make note of your questions along the way and email your questions to the Transfer Student Service Manager.

Cost and Aid

You are not on your own. Most Oregon State students receive some form of financial support.

Campus Life

When you attend Oregon State, you'll have an entire community of more than 32,000 students and 4,700 faculty cheering you on.

Deadlines and Requirements

Applying to college can be a detailed process. Be aware of all of the deadlines and requirements so that your journey goes smoothly.

Future Transfer Student Checklist

CONSIDER your desired career

Know admission requirements and timelines for your transfer school

  • Every college and university does things differently and has different requirements and timelines.
  • Begin the application process a year before your intended transfer.
  • Find information on OSU transfer pathways (including dates, deadlines, and more)


Ensure YOUR courses will transfer AND COUNT towards YOUR major

identify resources for your success

Are you an early college high school student?

  • Early college program students, such as 5th Year or Running Start high school students, need to apply as a first-year freshman since they do not yet have their high school diploma.
  • They can apply as a transfer student after they have their high school diploma as long as they meet transfer requirements.
  • Early college program students will be required to live on campus.

Are you an international student?

International transfer students wanting to enter Oregon State from either another U.S. institution or an institution outside of the U.S. are encouraged to review the international admissions requirements and contact the international admissions office.

Are you a DACA or undocumented student?

OSU is committed to supporting our undocumented and DACAmented transfer students. As an undocumented or DACA student, know that transferring to Oregon State University is simple. However, we do understand that it can become confusing and overwhelming to know where to start. We can guide and provide the information you'll need to successfully transfer to OSU.

Self-guided and unofficial advising: Courses to take pre-transfer

Step 1

Learn about OSU's academic structure and degree requirements.

Step 2

Look at your OSU's major requirements and "Bacc Core" (general education) requirements of your degree.

*Use this list as a preliminary OSU degree requirement checklist. These requirements come from the course catalog which is the most up-to-date list of degree requirements.

Step 3

Determine which future OSU degree requirements are available at your institution.

Credits from Oregon Institutions
  • Transfer Articulation Table
    An up-to-date list of all Oregon Institution's transfer credits and how they transfer into OSU. If you cannot find a course you are looking for, it does not mean it will not transfer, it just means we have never evaluated it before.
  • Baccalaureate Core, "Bacc Core" Equivalency Guide
    *Find Bacc Core guides for all Oregon community colleges and three Hawaii schools. These guides are organized by the 15 Bacc Core categories and show which classes at each school will count in each category.
  • Oregon Community College Transfer Guides 
    *Many OSU major departments provide up-to-date advising guides for some of our Oregon community colleges.
Credits from Oregon and outside of Oregon
  • Single Course Search Tool 
    * Find your transfer school, find the course(s) in question, and create a transcript to see how the course does or does not transfer into OSU. If you cannot find a course you are looking for, it does not mean it will not transfer, it just means we have never evaluated it before.

Step 4

Make note of your specific academic advising questions, find your OSU College advising contact, and send them your question(s)!
If you are having any trouble or have other questions send them to the Transfer Student Service staff!