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Welcome to Oregon State University!

There are a few things you will need to do now that you are admitted.

  1. Confirm your enrollment in Beaver Basecamp.
  2. Connect with the ONID and DUO systems.
  3. Connect with Scholarships and Financial Aid about financial support options.
  4. Apply for or learn more about on and off-campus housing.
  5. Enroll in the START orientation program.
  6. Submit Immunization records.

Get the details for your campus.

New Student Orientation

All new OSU students must attend a new student orientation (START) prior to enrollment in any OSU course. The orientation is essential as you will connect with important OSU information, such as how billing, financial aid, and more function at OSU. In addition, you will meet with an OSU advisor, register for classes, and learn about OSU services and resources designed for your success. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with MyOregonState and MyDegrees prior to attending START.

Students admitted for a summer term may register for summer term classes without first attending an orientation, but will have to attend an orientation prior to enrolling in sequential terms.

Financial Resources

Domestic Students

Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). To be considered for the maximum amount of federal, state, and OSU loans and grants, complete the FAFSA each year in October when it becomes available.

Undocumented Students

Learn all about your financial resources through our Paying For College Undocumented Student website.

Complete the Oregon State Aid Application (ORSAA) (for DACA/tuition equity students) every year for the Oregon Opportunity Grant and various scholarships. Complete the ORSAA each year in October when it becomes available for maximum consideration.

General Resources

Transition to Oregon State

Participate in courses designed to help you transition

  • BA 280 for students admitted to majors within the College of Business.
  • ALS courses, there are multiple depending our your need/desire.

Oregon State Resources


Academic Success and Resources

As you come to Oregon State, you may be asking yourself, "How do I ensure I do well in my courses?" We hope that this information we provide may be of assistance.

Ideal study locations:

  1. Valley Library - Whether hunkered down in a cozy nook among stacks of books or on the upper rotunda where it's uber-quiet, the Valley Library (a Library of the Year winner) is a favorite study spot for many.
  2. Learning Innovation Center - LInC is home to the Honors College, as well as the integrated Learning Resource Center. It's packed with both formal teaching spaces and informal learning spaces, so there's always space to buckle down.
  3. Memorial Union - The student lounge on the main floor of the MU is like a next-level living room. Pop in early to take advantage of the lounge's two giant fireplaces, comfy couches, and wingback chairs. No space downstairs? Find a quiet workspace on the upper balcony instead (permitting the weather is fair).
  4. Student Experience Center - The SEC houses 28 student programs, including Orange Media Network and the Craft Center. The SEC also offers a lot as a modern, light-filled study area. The Building is entirely dedicated to students, so you don't have to compete for space with faculty and staff - especially perfect if you want to avoid the crowds at the Memorial Union.

Want more tips and guides? Visit the Academic Success Center's website for more assistance!




Upcoming Events at Oregon State

If you’re visiting our Corvallis campus, check out what other university events might be going on around campus on your visit day.