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Admissions Pathways

Three Transfer Pathways

There are two domestic transfer pathways into OSU. One pathway is as a traditional transfer student.  Another is as a Degree Partnership Program (DPP) transfer student. Both pathways grant you admissions into OSU! If you are an international student, there are unique pathways depending on your needs (see below).

  1. Traditional Transfer
  2. Degree Partnership Program (DPP) Transfer
  3. International Transfer Student

What is DPP?

You can apply to OSU as a transfer DPP student as soon as you meet the OSU DPP admissions criteria. Once admitted, you would be considered a student at OSU and any Oregon or Hawaii community college partners.  At the point of Admissions into OSU as a DPP student, you would have the options of:

  1. Just take classes at your partner school while having an active student status at OSU which comes with many benefits. You can do this for up to ten terms (about 2 years);
  2. Just take classes at OSU knowing you can take classes at your partner school should you need to; or
  3. You can "Dual Enroll" or take classes on both campuses during any given term (financial aid has the potential to count credits on both campuses towards your enrollment level).

With DPP, you can pursue whatever pathway works best for your situation.

There are many  benefits of using DPP to transfer into OSU!

Degree Partnership Program (DPP) Transfer

Traditional Transfer

Remember, a completed application includes all official transcripts from any college/university in which you have attempted credit.

Are you already admitted? Find out about next steps as an admitted OSU student.