Prestigious Scholarships

OSU's Prestigious Scholarship office dedicated to helping with all stages of the application process of nationally and internationally competitive scholarships and fellowships.

Outside Scholarships

Find a list of vetted outside scholarships from our Scholarship Office.

For Oregon Residents

For International Students

Find a list of ideas for outside-of-OSU scholarships for international students.

Scholarship Search Ideas

Places to search

•Local Community

•Service groups


•Place of students / parents employment and labor unions

•Professional organizations

•Public library “scholarship” section

•High School you graduated from or local high school of the community in which you reside

Search Online

•Sign up for free scholarship matching services


•Adjust your profile to be less or more restrictive based on results

•Search for scholarships for THINGS: books, computers, childcare

•Don’t just limit your searches to focus on major and gender, brainstorm personal characteristics

•Hobbies, passions, outdoor enthusiast, video games, race, ethnicity, culture, bi-lingual, faith, left handed, differently abled, Veteran status, first generation, etc.

•Ask friends and family for ideas; others see you differently than you see yourself

Search Organization Tips

•Spread out your time spent searching to avoid “burn out”

•Organize the process to maximize your time

•Keep track in Excel and save the file online so it is easily accessible from multiple locations

•Add due dates to your personal calendar.  This can be for requesting letters of recommendation, completing your essays as well as final application submission

•Even if a deadline has passed, make note of it and apply in future years

•Remember applications take time

•Allow yourself time to submit a quality application

•Research past winners

•Do a google search to see if there is any “scam” information

•If it’s asking you for money to apply, don’t!

•Read minimum requirements; do you meet them?

•Research the merits of past recipients.

•Call the organization and ask questions.

•Ask family and friends to help you locate scholarships, jobs, opportunities, etc.

•Send thank you notes, even if you did not get the job or scholarship.


OSU Resources

OSU Writing Center

Career Development Center

Academic Success Center (coaching on how to stay organized/time management)

Academic Advisors or Counselors

•Professors/Instructors, drop by during office hours