Getting Started

We are excited that you are considering becoming a part of Beaver Nation as a transfer student! Please read below to understand what you can expect and some helpful information as you begin your transfer journey.

  • Read through our webpages and other materials to understand requirements and deadlines for transferring
  • Attend a transfer event like an application workshop, academic presentation, etc. to learn more about OSU
  • Make an appointment to meet with a transfer advisor to discuss your preparedness and options for transferring (i.e. the best time to apply, participating in the Degree Partnership Program, questions about the process)
  • Use our online credit evaluation tools to learn how your credits may transfer and may fulfill degree requirements (NOTE: we will not be able to officially review your credits for transfer at this stage. Official credit review happens after you are admitted)
  • Be sure to apply early and know the deadlines of each application term (Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer)
  • You should complete your application online and be sure to save your progress as you work through it so you won’t lose your progress.
  • You WILL be required to turn in transcripts from all institutions attended (even if those courses show up as transfer credit on another transcript)
  • Your application will not be reviewed until all required components are turned in so it’s important to check your Beaver Basecamp portal
  • Once your admissions application is complete, it will be reviewed by multiple staff members and it usually takes a few weeks to receive a decision. Timing on a decision can vary depending on the time of year
  • Fall applicants (only) are automatically reviewed for Admissions-based scholarships like WUE and the Provost’s Scholarship at the time their admissions decision is made. Winter, Spring, and Summer applicants are not reviewed for these scholarships at this time
  • You will be notified of your admission decision and any initial scholarships through your Beaver Basecamp portal so it’s important to check that for the latest updates
  • ALL of your necessary next steps will also show up in this portal (with new steps appearing on your checklist as they are required) so you can rely on the list for you “to-do” items for admissions, housing, and financial aid
  • When registration opens, you will be notified through your portal to sign up for START (your OSU orientation program) and to take the ALEKS math assessment (a requirement of ALL newly admitted students regardless of previous coursework taken)
  • Once all of your official transcripts are turned in, you will be placed in the queue to have your transfer coursework officially articulated and you will be notified in your portal when that report is ready for your review. This process can take some time so your patience is greatly appreciated
  • After you attend orientation, you will meet with your academic advisor to review the courses you’ve taken and determine what OSU courses to register for in the upcoming term

Don’t worry, our transfer admissions team is happy to talk with you about what you can do to become admissible to the university. We encourage you to make an appointment to speak with a transfer advisor to develop a plan and next steps.

If you have any questions about any steps in this process, we are happy to assist at [email protected].