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Admissions Pathways

Three Transfer Pathways

There are two domestic transfer pathways into OSU. One pathway is as a traditional transfer student.  Another is as a Degree Partnership Program (DPP) transfer student. Both pathways grant you admissions into OSU! If you are an international student, there are unique pathways depending on your needs (see below).

  1. Traditional Transfer
  2. Degree Partnership Program (DPP) Transfer
  3. International Transfer Student

You can apply to OSU as a transfer DPP student as soon as you meet the OSU DPP admissions criteria. Once admitted, you would be considered a student at OSU and any Oregon or Hawaii community college partners. Once admitted, you have 10 terms (roughly 2 years) to take a class at OSU. During those 10 terms you have an "active student status" which means each of those 10 terms you would be able to “dual enroll” at both OSU and your partner school, take classes at OSU only, or just take classes at the partner community college. It depends on your situation and what works best for you!

As a DPP student, you have an "active student status" (even if you do not attend OSU right away) which allows you access to important advising resources such as:

  • Informed and more specific interactions with your OSU major advisor (access to these advisors vary by department depending on the time of year).
  • Each term as you take classes at your partner school, an official transcript is sent to OSU at the end of the term (except for Blue Mountain Community College DPP students).
  • You will have access to MyDegrees (an online degree checklist) so you can track degree progress and identify which classes are left to take.

There are many more benefits using DPP to transfer into OSU!

Degree Partnership Program (DPP) Transfer

Traditional Transfer

Transfer Credit Resources

Are you already admitted? Find out about next steps as an admitted OSU student.