Transferring from one institution to another can be a huge undertaking. Here at Oregon State University (OSU), 32% of our Corvallis, Bend and Ecampus (online) population are transfer students, all of whom enrich OSU's environment culturally, academically, and socially. We are committed to serving our transfer students in every step of their transition; from learning about the many things OSU has to offer, to determining if applying to OSU is the right "next step" for you, to helping you adjust to student life! In this page we will connect you to the information you will need.

  • I am a future transfer student. *I am seeking out information to help me determine if OSU is the right fit for me.

  • I am an advisor working with transfer students. *I am an advisor working with a transfer student; what are my resources?
Are you taking classes at an Oregon or Hawaii Community College and wanting to transfer to OSU?
Consider the Degree Partnership Program for early access to OSU advising and financial resources!

Click here to get an idea as to how your credits will transfer and count towards your OSU degree!